Is the overrated love real ?

‘They fell in love with each other and lived happily ever after…’ is love really that magical? If millions of Bollywood movies have taught us something, it’s how magical love can be. But have you ever seen any such story in real life?
Isn’t love just overrated? Can’t the so-called magical feeling be ‘chemical locha’? The fairytales we know have always pushed us towards high expectations of that one special relation. And somewhere we all expect that person to just appear and fall in love at first sight, then confess our love in one grand, magnificent special gesture, get married, and live the supposedly ‘happily ever after’ life. While all this is happening in your mind, the real life is having a big laugh at you.
Love doesn’t come with the amazing stories you dream of, it comes with sorries that you probably never think of. We are always told about how beautiful it is to fall in love, but that just ends in the first few months, no one prepares you for the nightmarish truth of falling head over heels in love. Imagine the fantasy love as the stepping stone towards the real-world love stories that are synonymous with lust, greed, heart-breaks, differences, and whatnot.
If you are very lucky, you’ll find the right partner, who will actually make your journey easy and fun, but don’t expect zero complications. The odds of finding someone that compatible would be like winning the lottery. And the funniest part is, even if you both are perfect for each other, you most probably won’t end up together. Do you know why? Because life has better lessons to teach you.
You can fight for love, but only if your parents allow it. You’ll do anything for love, but only if they would do too. You would always trust your love until they start talking to other people. Love truly comes with terms and conditions, and like always, we never read that manual. The fantasies and stories and the idealistic forms of love overwhelm our idea of real-life situations. They say everything seems magical when you are in love, but they never say that the magic wears off the second you face a problematic situation.
Love is so overrated that even if I tell you that you and your crush will have a tragic ending, you would want to experience those few moments before that ending. It has been fed to us that there is someone perfect, and in order to find that perfect one, we dig hundreds of holes in our hearts.
Isn’t that right? Have you never had a heartbreak, or simply been friend-zoned? Not everything is tragic but when you are in magic love, even the smallest things can feel tragic. They said ‘ love makes every complication easy’, the truth is love creates the biggest complications of life.
No one narrates the story about what happened after Prince Charming found Cinderella, because that’s where love sorries begin. But in this 21st century, the love stories and love sorries both are told well. Sifar communication presents ‘Love Sorries’, an anthology movie that will not only showcase the power of real love but also will feature the hidden sorries behind the stories. Love, romance, fun, lust, heartbreak; this movie is a complete package for those who deserve to know the ‘true love’. Go watch ‘love sorries’ on MX player today.
So, how magical does the word ‘love’ sounds to you now?


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